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Laifen Hair Dryer Swift SE, 200 Million Negative Ionic Blow Dryer with 105,000 RPM Brushless Motor 1400W Powerful for Fast Drying High-Speed Low Noise Hair Dryer for Home, Travel (Matte White)

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About the product

  • [Negative Ionic Hair Dryer] Laifen hair dryer has 200-million negative ions making your hair silky without the frizz. Ionic technology repels water, locks in moisture, and brings a healthy natural shine to your hair.
  • [Unique Design] Elegant high-quality Morandi color tones provide low-saturated pleasing colors – each inspired by beauty found in nature. Hair dryer weighs 0.9 lb (407g), small and portable, ideal for home and travel use. Ergonomic design with simple buttons. Tight filter mesh will not allow hair to be drawn in. Hair dryer is safe for children and expectant mothers.
  • [Thermo Control Technology] Laifen’s exclusive technology automatically compensates excessive heat, alternating both hot and cold airstreams to avoid hair damage. A thermo-control microprocessor monitors air temperature 50-times per second and makes slight adjustments to keep your hair undamaged by extreme heat.
  • [Fast Drying] Laifen hair dryer is equipped with a high speed,105,000 rpm brushless motor with wind speed of 21m/s. Strong airflow can dry hair in a short time – much faster than traditional hair dryers.
  • [3 Color LED Ring Light & Low Noise] The three colors displayed on the circular LED ring correspond to temperature settings of hair dryer. Red indicates 80 degrees (hot air), yellow is 50 degrees (warm air), blue is cold air. Press and hold for two seconds to activate circulating mode shifting hot and cold air every few seconds. Despite the powerful motor and wind speed, the Laifen hair dryer operates at 59db while in use and is non-disruptive.
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